Xerox Phaser 3124 Driver Download

Xerox Phaser 3124 Free Driver Download

Xerox Phaser 3124 Printer Driver Download. The companionship Xerox is good known to all, has its ain house inwards the plain of computers, but as well as then far its products intended for PCs were poorly represented on our market. H5N1 model named Xerox Phaser 3124 printer, which I acquaint this time, proved to endure a really skilful as well as worthy scream that it carries. The Xerox Phaser 3124is a monochrome Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation printer for business office use. It is run yesteryear a 166 MHz RISC processor as well as has 32 MB of memory, which is plenty for to a greater extent than complex documents that combine text amongst to a greater extent than graphics. The impress resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi. The outer appearance is characterized yesteryear modern "office" designs, dimensions of 348 x 193 x 355 millimeters, as well as weight of vii kilograms. When printing Xerox Phaser 3124 consumes 330 W, as well as inwards 10 Watt ability saving mode. The record receives 250 sheets of paper. The toner cartridge provides upwards to 3,000 pages of printed material, as well as the printer itself is able to "burn" 15,000 pages a month. The printer connects to a estimator via a USB 2.0 port, as well as for older computers at that topographic point is a classic LPT. There is exclusively 1 push on the front, but almost all of the functions are on (on / off, toner salve activation when printing, alignment). 

Driver Download Xerox Phaser 3124 Printer Installer
The packet includes all the necessary instructions as well as cables (including the USB cable rarely supplied yesteryear the manufacturer amongst the printer), as well as my exclusively electrical charge almost the (in) completeness of the production refers to the lack of accompanying software because the CD that comes amongst the Xerox Phaser 3124 exclusively the PCL6 driver (supported operating systems are Windows 9x, NT 4.0, ME, 2000 as well as XP, every bit good every bit Linux). However, the effect of this is a really fast installation of the printer, as well as since this device, every bit nosotros mentioned above, is primarily intended for business office use, the theatre that decides to buy it for sure already has specialized software at a much to a greater extent than serious degree than the 1 that is generally sold amongst printers. The declared impress speed is 17 pages per minute, as well as during our tests, the Xerox Phaser 3124 has yielded slightly less results (14 pages). The required fourth dimension to impress the rootage page is 12 seconds. Printed text is almost identical inwards every resolution as well as it is adorned amongst splendid quality, except inwards the resolution of 300 dpi, although the anomalies inwards the letters are exclusively noticeable when you lot deeply concentrate as well as exceptional yourself.

Xerox Phaser 3124 Drivers Download
 has its ain house inwards the plain of computers Xerox Phaser 3124 Driver Download

Printer Driver Xerox Phaser 3124 Download
For everyday use, I recommend a resolution of 600 dpi. Although non primarily designed to impress graphics, Phaser has undergone such testing and, it is expected, non really good showed up. There is no require to scream back almost printing large bitmap images, as well as at that topographic point are around problems amongst printing vector graphics. However, this printer plant perfectly inwards printing diagrams as well as charts, which is the most of import for describe of piece of job concern users. An interesting possibility is the so-called poster of the impress a larger-sized icon tin endure printed on several sheets of smaller size newspaper than desired (for example, sixteen sheets of A4-size), inwards guild to endure subsequently joined yesteryear the user inwards a poster-format image. Ideal for printing "work plans" as well as projects to endure presented to colleagues. When everything is complete, the Xerox Phaser 3124 is a really skilful printer for business office use. Speed ​​and impress character are to a greater extent than than satisfactory, justifying a slightly higher cost than competing models of the same class. It's a fast as well as high-quality product, as well as is besides reliable due to the fact that Xerox is written on it.

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