Samsung Proxpress M4080fx Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung ProXpress M4080FX

Samsung ProXpress M4080FX Printer Driver Download. This Samsung ProXpress M4080FX is a A4 multifunction systems, thank you lot to the opened upward XOA platform, offering numerous solutions tailored to the needs of minor as well as medium-sized businesses. The Samsung ProXpress M4080FX exceptional characteristic of the 2 novel models is the integration of the opened upward interface XOA (eXtensible Open Architecture) developed yesteryear Samsung , which is used for the outset fourth dimension inwards systems of this shape inwards the "embedded version". This spider web platform supports a attain of solutions tailored to the needs of minor as well as medium-sized businesses. They tin give the sack move used to straight install third-party hardware, such every bit carte du jour readers or software solutions. The graphical user interface allows users to access a attain of web-based programs, as well as network administrators tin give the sack easily install custom solutions straight from the server.

Driver Download Samsung ProXpress M4080FX Printer Installer
The Samsung ProXpress M4080FX score side yesteryear side to this opened upward application platform amongst a uncomplicated treatment as well as decent power. Operation is via a 7 inch (17.8 cm) coloring acquit upon enshroud inwards combination amongst classic buttons. The numeric block likewise allows impress jobs to move issued exclusively subsequently entering a PIN on the device. The multi-function systems are controlled yesteryear a 1 GHz dual-core processor amongst 1 GB of retention (expandable to 2 GB). On the internal difficult disk amongst 320 GB capacity, recurring impress jobs every bit good every bit impress solutions tin give the sack move stored.

Samsung ProXpress M4080FX Driver Printer Download
 offering numerous solutions tailored to the needs of minor as well as medium Samsung ProXpress M4080FX Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress M4080FX Download
Connected to the society network, the systems are cable-bound via Gigabit LAN or optionally wirelessly via WLAN every bit good every bit active NFC. The printing as well as copying functioning of the ProXpress C2680FX from upward to 26 coloring or black-and-white pages per infinitesimal indicated yesteryear Samsung enables the rapid output of fifty-fifty the near extensive impress jobs. The automatic duplex document feed (DSDF) is likewise to read upward to thirty duplicate documents per minute. The fast duplex unit of measurement as well as the Eco push provide ways to salvage paper, liberate energy as well as toner. The newspaper provide of upward to 250 sheets inwards the newspaper tray as well as 50 sheets inwards the multi-purpose feeder tin give the sack move extended to a maximum of 820 sheets amongst an optional magazine.

Driver Printer Download Samsung ProXpress M4080FX
The Samsung ProXpress M4080FX, a monolaser multifunction device, is expected to eject the outset page subsequently 6.5 seconds, according to Samsung from the standby mode. The specified impress as well as re-create functioning is xl pages per infinitesimal according to the manufacturer. The newspaper stock of upward to 520 sheets inwards the newspaper magazine as well as 100 sheets inwards the multi-purpose feed tin give the sack optionally move expanded upward to 2,180 sheets.

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