Canon Ij Network Tool Download

Canon IJ Network Tool Download

IJ Network tool is a utility that allows yous to display together with alteration the network settings on the machine. It is installed when the machine is set.

 IJ Network tool is a utility that allows yous to display together with alteration the network settings o Canon IJ Network Tool Download
Canon IJ Network Tool

If yous desire to role the machine through LAN, brand certain yous bring the necessary equipment for this type of connection, such every bit cable or LAN access point. Do non impress when the Networking Monitoring Tools is running.

If the share Network Scan Tool of the safety software firewall is turned on, Network Monitoring Tools the message may look alarm that the Canon software is attempting to access the network. If a alarm message appears, laid upwardly the safety software to e'er to allow access. Canon IJ Network Scan Utility has been verified to function on Windows arrangement Apple Macintosh

IJ Network Driver Ver. 2.5.7 / Network Tool Ver. 2.5.7 for Windows
This file is the LAN driver for Canon IJ network. alongside the IJ printer yous tin impress from Canon IJ network connected through the network.

  • In the arrive at where the Firewall software is operating, such every bit the detection of the printer using LAN communications are blocked, together with thence setup volition non complete.
  • Preventive action: disable the Firewall settings, or closing the Firewall software, then, produce the installation inwards whatsoever case, rootage take the network from the Internet.
  • When using the IJ network devices nether the 64 fleck version of Windows Vista, the next message may live on displayed inwards the setup: a novel house tin non live on created. Preventive action: Cancel setup once, together with thence repeat the setup subsequently yous restart the computer.
Setup instructions
  • Download/installation steps
  • Click the link, select [Save], specify together with and thence click [Save] to download the file. Memo: If yous select [Run] (or [open]) instead of [Save], files volition live on automatically installed subsequently the file is saved.
  • Download the files to live on stored inwards a house specified inwards the self-extracting shape (.exe format).
  • Double click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it, together with thence installation volition start automatically.
Canon IJ Network Tool Ver. 4.4.1 for Intel Mac

This software application enables yous to configure the network settings of the model which yous volition choose.

Operates the next file to launch the network tools:
/Applications/Canon IJ Network tool utility Canon IJ network Tool app.

Installation instructions
  • The download together with installation steps
  • Download file. To the place where the file is stored, cheque the settings on your computer.
  • Double-click the downloaded file together with mountain it on the Disk Image.
  • Double-click the Mounted Disk Image.
  • Double click on the file inwards the next folder. The installation volition start automatically.

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